Puzzle time!
Less than 2 months until Ironman Taiwan. How best to divide my weekly training to get myself optimally fit?

The Plan
Swim: 3-5 workouts / 4-5 hours
Bike: 4 workouts / 6-7 hours
Run: 3-4 workouts / 2-3 hours (once I can run again..)
Gym: 1-2 workouts / 1-2 hours

Since last September, Ive been able to maintain some degree of swim fitness by attending morning workouts with the NAS swim squad over at Nishi-Nippori.
I’ll keep these two 75-90mins weekly workouts and will try to push myself a lot more rather than the half-assed efforts I put in over the last few months..
Additionally, I’ll add one long interval/distance workout and another workout focused on form.

I haven’t done a 20min FTP test yet but I can guarantee my threshold power is down.
For one thing, the Stages power meter I’m now using only measures left leg power (slight underestimation) compared to the InRide trainer power meter I was using last year (slight overestimation). In any case, I have a LOT of training to do in a short amount of time.
Looking at past workouts, this means a lot of longer intervals (ex. over 5mins) at “sweet spot” intensity. It’s still too cold to ride in the mountains so my one outdoor weekly 3-5hr long ride will be at good old Oi-Futo

It’s been over 2 weeks since my calves exploded during Beppu Marathon and I still havent been able to run yet. The left calf is still a bit sore even when walking on a flat surface so I’ll let my legs COMPLETELY recover before attempting even a slow jog. I’m not worried about losing the huge run fitness I build up from Sept-Jan as various research and previous experience would suggest that once I can run again, I should be able to get back into “triathlon running” shape quite quickly.

Not to let my morning gym membership go to waste, I’ll fit in some time at the gym.
I’ll be targeting core strength and anything that can help improve swimming (lat pull downs)

I’ve dabbled with various diets and fasting protocols in the past and I’ve found a number of formulas that seemed to work for me. Based on that, I’m going to stick with a low-moderate carb diet coupled while starting a daily intermittent fasting protocol of 16-20hours. Though I’ve train with low fuel in the past, it’s also important I learn to train my body to take in a lot of fuel as well. This is very important for long distance triathlons and training low all the time also has its pitfalls. To that extent, in addition to the occasional fasted state workouts, I’ll also try to to the opposite: working out right after a big feast or eating a lot during a workout. Heck, maybe I’ll try eating a pizza while I ride a la Dean Karnazes..


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IM Taiwan update #1: the plan

One thought on “IM Taiwan update #1: the plan

  • 2015-02-25 at 03:40

    Good luck with the training Stan. I hope you will be running again soon and we can meet along the Tamagawa.


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